Will my Dental Implants match my natural teeth?

Dental Implants are a great way to replace bad teeth or to gain new teeth for a new smile. Good Candidates of the dental replacements are those in good health. Those who are suffering from uncontrolled diabetes, cancer, radiation of the jaw bones, smoke, alcoholism, or unchecked gum disease would affect the implants from fusing with the bone. The placement of the implant is done by scanning the mouth and jaw. It is a requirement for the surgeon to do on the patients when it comes to studying the bite, jaw, and mouth. 

To ensure that the implants are natural looking surgeons and dentist recommends going with all porcelain crowns. All porcelain crowns work better and go all the way down to the gums, unlike the metal fused crowns that show at the gums. The dentist would also take in the natural color of the patient’s teeth into account when implementing the implants. The porcelain implants are made to match the enamel of the teeth, which gives it the natural look of the other teeth. 

Where this is down from taking down the mouth and jaw and where the implants are made is based on location. The lab is essential when creating dental implants. The labs and dental surgeons take the mapping of the teeth and match with the biting edge of the teeth. It gives the implants that authentic look to the patients smiles. 

Implant replacements can range from the loss of one tooth, multiple teeth to all of the teeth missing on the lower or bottom jaw. For those who lose all of their teeth, the doctors would match the dentures to the gum and jawlines. These replacements can snap in place and easily removable too. Multiple teeth replacement works similar to the single tooth replacement. The multiple teeth replacement won’t disturb the other healthy teeth, but it will blend in seamlessly with them. The numerous teeth replacement also will stop the bone from deteriorating from the loss of the teeth, giving the patient a beautiful and natural smile.