Teeth Whitening and Bleaching

We all strive to keep our teeth looking great and in good health. That said, many of us might opt to have them whitened or do some kind of bleaching over a period of time. This is not for everyone as some have such sensitive teeth that the process just doesn’t work for them. When going the teeth whitening route or doing bleaching there are some things you need to understand. For one, some services can be free or there is a cost. Further, you want to know the entire process and especially how long will it last. Here are some things to know about teeth whitening and bleaching for your teeth.

How do I do it?

For one, there are businesses that only do teeth whitening. You pay a fee, rest in a chair while wearing retainers on your teeth while a laser light shines on them. The process can take an hour or less. If you want them to be really white you can sit for a long time, though that’s not really recommended. Next, you can do bleaching over a period of time by getting a kit from a traditional dentist. This will still cost unless your insurance covers it. At home, you use their kit to line the trays with a teeth whitening or bleach substance and sit with those for 30 to an hour a day. Teeth whitening can last for several months as long as you don’t continue to stain them.

Why should you try the teeth whitening service?

The answer as to why people get their teeth whitened or bleached can be many things. Some want to build their confidence. Others are simply tired of having brown teeth and having people comment on them. Further, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something you do because of vanity, it can simply make your smile brighter. You may work in an industry where white teeth are a necessity. In addition to that, you may just want to have your pearly white teeth sparkle every time you open your mouth. Ask your dentist if it’s possible to have your teeth whitened if you’ve had dental restorations. It’s been a known fact that first impressions are long lasting so it’s worth a shot.