No matter how well you try to care for your teeth by preventing injuries and decay to your tooth enamel, you may end up with a broken molar or enough decay of your tooth that you will need a dental crown. While the use of dental crowns dates back quite a way in history, today we can offer you a new option known as same-day crowns. With a same-day crown, you can get the same great long-term benefits that you would enjoy with a traditional crown, but you will not have to wait to receive your customized crown for a week or two while it is made in a laboratory. At Divine Expressions, we are proud to offer you the most modern dental services using cutting-edge technologies.

Why Might You Need a Crown?

A crown is used to completely cover a tooth that has extensive damage to it. For example, it is often used when there is so much decay in the tooth than a composite filling is no longer possible in the area. However, it may also be used to cover teeth that have been broken or extensively chipped. We may recommend a crown to cover a tooth following a root canal, to restore size and cusps to teeth that have been worn down over time and even as a cosmetic treatment to help a tooth look more aesthetically pleasing. A crown will protect the remaining structure of your tooth as much as possible, prevent pain and sensitivity and decrease the chance of further decay or damage from occurring.

What Are Same-Day Crowns?

Traditionally, a dentist would make a mold of the tooth needing a crown at the first visit, provide the client with a temporary crown for the next week or two and schedule a second appointment for placing the permanent crown once it arrived from the laboratory. However, same-day crowns get rid of this wasted time and let you receive your permanent crown on your very first appointment. Our in-house CEREC technology constructs a durable crown completely customized for your tooth as you wait.

What Are the Benefits of Same-Day Crowns?

Obviously, we are proud of the many benefits that we can bring to our patients with our same-day crowns. Some of the advantages include the following:

  • Only one appointment time needed
  • No uncomfortable temporary crowns needed
  • A totally customized crown that matches your tooth color
  • No dental molds needed
  • Safe and strong composite materials used
  • Immediate pain relief
  • Preserves more of your natural tooth
  • Long-lasting treatment option

At Divine Expressions, you can benefit from our expertise and from our cutting-edge technology, which includes in-office CEREC. Now you do not have to leave the office with an ill-fitting, uncomfortable crown while you wait for your follow-up appointment in a week or two. We can get you in and out of the office in only a few hours, and you will be able to enjoy a custom-fit crown on the very same day.

We Welcome New Patients and Look Forward to Having You as Part of Our Dental Family.