When you meet with a new dentist, there are a few questions that you should ask before you decide to become a new patient. One of the things that you need to find out about is the background of the dentist and hygienists who work in the office. The dentist you see on a regular schedule should be someone who has had the proper training and who understands how to treat all types of dental issues, referring you to a specialist for problems that can’t be handled in the office. 

Another question that you want to ask would be if the dentist accepts the kind of insurance that you have. If you don’t have insurance, find out if the office accepts self-pay patients and if there are any discounts applied if the services are paid for in cash at the time of the visit. You should also ask if there are any types of payment arrangements available. 

Ask the dentist if the office can accommodate the needs that you have as well as any health issues that you have. Some of the issues that you might want to discuss include anxiety while visiting a dentist or concerns that you have about your teeth. You also need to find out if the dentist can treat your entire family or if you would need to find another office for your children. 

A question that you should consider asking is how other patients feel about the office. Most dentists have a website or a social media page so that you can read reviews by other patients and see the services that are offered. Find out about the hours of the office, insurance information and if emergency services are offered in the event that there is an issue with your teeth when the office is closed.