A Madison, AL, company recently announced its new affiliation with an at-home sleep apnea treatment company and is excited to bring the benefits of this partnership to their patients. Awaken 2 Sleep, the affiliate of Divine Expressions Dentistry, produces small, retainer-like physical realignment devices which can help solve the root issue of obstructive sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes the patient to experience frequent interruptions in their breathing during sleep. This can cause the patient to snore loudly, experience difficulty falling or staying asleep, feel exhausted even after a full night’s sleep, and, in severe cases, suffer from a lack of oxygen. There are three kinds of sleep apnea: obstructive (where breathing is physically interrupted by blockages of a narrow airway due to sleep position), central (where nerve signals to the muscles in the respiratory system are disrupted during sleep), and combination.

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With this new treatment from Awaken 2 Sleep, hosted by Divine Expressions Family Dentistry, patients with obstructive sleep apnea can experience relief with minimal disruption to their daily lives. The small device is composed of two aligner trays fitted to the patient’s teeth, attached via two small poles which move the patient’s lower jaw forward, causing the throat to open.

The benefits of this treatment over traditional CPAP machines are immense.

  • These aligners are easy to transport, fitting into a small retainer case in a purse or suitcase.
  • They do not require electricity or complicated accessories.
  • They are reported to be comfortable to wear by 91% of patients and are completely silent.
  • They are easy to remove (but can be worn) while talking or drinking.

The Awaken 2 Sleep system starts at $347 for the at-home diagnostic test and up to $2000 for the alignment device. This treatment plan is covered through most medical insurance.

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If you’re ready to correct your sleep apnea with a quiet, comfortable solution, you can call the office at 356 563 5788 or visit their website for more information about your treatment options and schedule your consultation today.