Divine Expressions Connects Good Teeth With Better Sleep

Divine Expressions Connects Good Teeth With Better Sleep

Divine Expressions Connects Good Teeth With Better Sleep

More doctors have been making the connection between getting good sleep and oral health and one  Madison dentist is making sure his patients are getting both. Divine Expressions is one of the few dental offices that provide help to reduce or eliminate sleep apnea. 

Defining Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is when a person can’t get quality sleep. Either they don’t go into a deep sleep or are waking up regularly through the night. Typically, this is related to breathing problems. The inability to get a good breath or a pause in breathing triggers a person to wake up. Many people don’t even know this is happening because they don’t ever feel like they are breathing. They wake up thinking they have to go to the bathroom. 

While an estimated eight million people are on CPAP machines in the U.S., the three dentists at Divine Expressions believe there is a better option. His office offers a nighttime dental appliance that can adjust your mouth and jaw so you breathe better and that leads to enhanced sleep. 

A Divine Partnership

Divine Expressions partnered with Awaken 2 Sleep so patients don’t have to go to a sleep clinic to test their sleep. A home test is sent to you and the bill is sent to your medical insurance company. A board-certified sleep doctor reviews the results and issues a diagnosis of whether a patient suffers from sleep apnea. 

A diagnosis allows the patient to get a custom sleep apnea oral appliance from Divine Expressions. 
Solid reasons exist for this Madison dentist to take on sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is known to contribute to many medical problems like diabetes and heart issues but it also causes oral health issues. 

Those who breathe through their mouths, which is typical for sleep apnea patients, develop more plaque and tartar on their teeth. That can lead to more cavities and tooth decay. There is also a connection between oral health, snoring, and heart disease. The connections are airflow and increased bacteria that can travel through the body. It can be a vicious cycle. 

Appointments Accepted

Divine Expressions wants their patients to have exceptional overall health and that starts with oral health. Addressing sleep apnea from the perspective of oral health can improve a patient’s general health as well as prevent things like cavities and tooth loss. 

Schedule an appointment at Divine Expressions’ convenient location at 7278 Highway 72 West, Madison, AL to see how this dental office can improve your smile and your sleep.

Divine Expressions Family Dentistry: Sleep Apnea in Madison, AL

Divine Expressions Family Dentistry: Sleep Apnea in Madison, AL

Divine Expressions Family Dentistry: Sleep Apnea in Madison, AL

Although sleep apnea treatment may not immediately come to mind when patients think of dental treatments, places like Divine Expressions are well-equipped to help examine and treat patients who might be dealing with sleep apnea. Their treatment utilizes an oral device to treat sleep apnea without the use of a CPAP machine.

For many, the CPAP machine is the most well-known way to treat sleep apnea. However, many patients find that the device is too noisy or uncomfortable, resulting in less sleep and not truly fixing the issue. The Awaken 2 Sleep oral devices used at Divine Expressions are designed to fit comfortably inside a patient’s mouth with no mask, hose, or loud noises interrupting their sleep.

Sleep apnea is more than just loud snoring and without proper treatment it can lead to other effects on patients’ health, such as high blood pressure. Divine Expressions is dedicated to providing treatment that can help patients prevent future health issues. Below are some details about their sleep apnea treatment process:

  • How Does It Work: Patients who believe they may be suffering from symptoms of sleep apnea can undergo an examination with a dentist. If the results from their sleep test confirm sleep apnea as a diagnosis, then a custom oral appliance will be made for the patient. This device is worn on top of teeth in a fashion similar to Invisalign.
  • Can It Be Covered By Medical Insurance: The testing required to determine if a patient is suffering from sleep apnea can be billed to medical insurance. Divine Expression Family Dentistry works with Awaken 2 Sleep, which not only can be billed to medical insurance but will also ship a sleep test to patients’ homes for ease of use.
  • What Are The Benefits: Sleep apnea treatment opens up patients’ airways, making it easier for them to breathe while sleeping. This improves the quality of sleep and heart health. It also prevents the potential for future major health issues, such as diabetes and multiple cardiac diseases such as a heart attack or high blood pressure. 

Currently, sleep apnea treatment is available for interested patients at Divine Expressions Family Dentistry. Further details about this type of treatment can be found by visiting their office website or by directly contacting them by phone or email.

Located in Madison, AL, Divine Expressions Family Dentistry is co-run by Drs. Barnett, Crawford, Embry, and Norden. Together they perform family, cosmetic, and sedation dentistry. Some of their currently available services include exams, cleanings, fillings, Invisalign, sleep apnea treatment, digital X-rays, extractions, sealants, root canals, bridges, implants, veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, dentures, and more. 

Madison Dentist: Serving the Madison Community

Madison Dentist: Serving the Madison Community

Madison Dentist: Serving the Madison Community

Patients looking for a Madison dentist can get quality care for all of their dental needs when they visit Divine Expressions. Patients can be examined, diagnosed, and treated all in one office with the use of state-of-the-art technology and experienced dental staff.

Divine Expressions is focused on delivering the best dental care possible in combination with friendly and personalized customer service. Their goal is to give each patient the best results possible, whether it be for cosmetic treatment or checkups for the whole family.

The dedication of the staff combined with the comfortable environment and modern technology makes Divine Expressions a great place for comprehensive care that is simultaneously less expensive, less invasive, and more effective. A summary of their available dental services is listed below:

  • Family Dentistry: Families seeking a Madison dentist can easily get exams, cleanings, and more. Their family dental services include extractions, root canals, fillings, fluoride treatments, and oral cancer screenings.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: Teeth whitening services and other cosmetic treatments, like bridges, implants, crowns, and veneers are available. Patients interested in dentures can also get either fixed or removable dentures.
  • Sedation Dentistry: This type of oral medication helps patients relax and sleep through the treatment. This type of dentistry is especially helpful for patients that have been avoiding dental care due to anxiety or patients that need to undergo complex treatments.
  • Invisalign: These clear aligners are an alternative to metal braces. This process gently straightens teeth over time while being easily removable and requires no dietary restrictions.
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment: This form of treatment helps open up airways to improve breathing and sleep. This treatment also helps with snoring and fatigue.
  • Other Dental Services: Some other available services include a snap-on smile, digital x-rays, botox, and Juvederm treatment.

At this time, patients seeking a Madison dentist can receive treatment and care by visiting Divine Expressions Family Dentistry. Information about their available dental services is on their website. Additional information can be found by contacting their office.

Drs. Robert Embry, Linda Crawford, and Laurentis Barnett co-run Divine Expressions Family Dentistry together in Madison, AL. They provide cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, and family dentistry, as well as perform a variety of dental services, like Invisalign, x-rays, teeth whitening, and other dental services.

Professional Teeth Whitening Services Now Available For Patients

Professional Teeth Whitening Services Now Available For Patients

Professional Teeth Whitening Services Now Available For Patients In And Around Madison, AL

January 5, 2023 – Patients in the Madison, AL area can now get their teeth whitened by qualified dental professionals. This cosmetic dental treatment offers high quality services and technology to give patients the smile they desire.

It is possible to get teeth whitening products in stores to try at home but getting this treatment done by trained professionals is the most effective and long lasting way to get whiter teeth. It is also safer to get this treatment done by a professional, as they can tailor your treatment to suit your needs specifically.

Although many people think it is more cost effective to whiten their teeth at home, many dentists strongly advise against this for many reasons. Below is a list of some of the benefits of getting teeth whitening done by a dental professional:

  • The products used in professional teeth whitening are only available for trained professionals and are known to outperform store products and home methods. This means you can get the most effective treatment for an affordable price.
  • Professional cosmetic dental treatment is also longer lasting. This means patients will need to get their teeth whitened less often by a professional than they would if they were using store products or home methods. This helps cut down on costs as well
  • Many patients do not know that there are actually many different types of whitening solutions. Dr. Barnett will be able to walk patients through their differences, as well as what solution might be the best course of treatment.
  • Divine Expressions Family Dentistry offers some of the highest quality teeth whitening methods in the Madison, AL area. Their dentists are trusted and highly rated so they can give you the best and most effective care possible.

As of January 5, 2023, professional teeth whitening services are available at Divine Expressions Family Dentistry. More information regarding these cosmetic services can be found on their website. Appointments can be booked by calling their office.

Divine Expressions Family Dentistry’s office is run by Drs. Linda Crawford,  Laurentis Barnett, and Robert Embry and their trusted team of staff. Their office is located in Madison, AL. Their dental services include cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, family dentistry, teeth whitening, sedation dentistry, x-rays, and other services.

Divine Expressions Offers Safe and Painless Madison Teeth Whitening Treatments

Divine Expressions Offers Safe and Painless Madison Teeth Whitening Treatments

Divine Expressions Offers Safe, Effective and Painless Madison Teeth Whitening Treatments

Many people feel embarrassed or self-conscious about their smile. They have stains, discoloration or other imperfections that won’t go away even after using whitening toothpastes or DIY treatments. However, they’re afraid of going to a dentist because possible costs or dental phobia.

Divine Expressions can help people who need teeth whitening but are concerned about costs or possible pain.

Its Madison teeth whitening services are affordable, and in the long run, more cost-effective than over the counter treatments that don’t work.

Commercial whitening tooth pastes or strips can only remove surface stains, not the deep discoloration caused by years of drinking coffee or tea, or smoking cigarettes. That’s because they only use mild abrasives or very low concentrations of whitening ingredients.

In fact, the American Dental Association says that many of the ingredients in home whitening treatments—baking soda, salt, turmeric, etc.—have not been clinically proven to work. Customers can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, and not see any significant benefit. Plus, all the experimentation with different treatments may end up causing gum irritation and damage to the tooth enamel.

However, professional whitening treatments use professional-grade hydrogen peroxide, which has been proven effective for even deep discoloration and strains. It is also done with a dentist’s supervision, which is far safer than teeth bleaching or whitening kits sold online.

Furthermore, in-clinic whitening treatments are not painful. There are no drills, injections, or intimidating dental equipment.

The dentist will simply place a plastic mouth retractor to pull back the cheek and gums away from the teeth, before applying the special whitening gel on the tooth surface. Aside from the slight tugging at the cheeks from wearing this mouth guard, it is not uncomfortable. Most patients end up falling asleep while waiting for the gel to set.

After one hour, the gel is removed—to reveal whiter, brighter teeth. Usually, patients are already quite satisfied with the results. But if they want to go a few more shades lighter, they can return in a few months for a follow-up treatment.  

The Divine Expressions team is very friendly and warm, and will go out of their way to assure patients who are anxious about getting a dental treatment for the first time. The clinic is also quite comfortable, and equipped with the latest technology for faster, safer, and more efficient treatments.

Aside from the Madison teeth whitening services, Divine Expressions clinic also has other dental treatments to help restore one’s smile. One of their unique offerings is the “Snap On Smile” which helps hide stained, chipped, crooked or missing teeth. It only takes 2 visits, and no drills and extractions are necessary.

To find out more about Divine Expressions whitening treatments and other dental services, contact the clinic at 56-624-1926or fill out the inquiry form on the website. The clinic is open from 9 am to 5 pm on Mondays and Thursdays; 8 am to 5 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and 9 am to 3 pm on Fridays.