In-House Dental Plan

What is Divine Blue?

Divine Blue is a dental service plan that allows our office the opportunity to offer our patients an alternative to dental insurance.

Divine Blue is a membership program that rewards patients for being proactive with their health and gives our office the ability to raise the standard of care for our patient base.

    Benefits for patients include:

    • No deductibles
    • No yearly maximum on benefits
    • No exclusions for elective procedure
    • Savings on preventive and restorative care
    • Comfortably affordable payment plans

    Program Exclusions and Limitations

    The program is a discount plan, not a dental insurance plan. It is only honored at locations of Divine Expressions Family Dentistry and cannot be used at any other office. In addition, it may not be used:

    • In conjunction with a dental insurance plan
    • For services for injuries covered under workman’s compensation or automobile medical insurance
    • For treatment which, at the sole discretion of the treating dentist, lies outside of the realm of their capacity
    • For referrals to specialists
    • For hospitalization or hospital charges of any kind

    Benefit Premiums

    Auto-Renewal Policy

    5% discount when you sign up for our auto-renewal policy, you will receive 5% off on your current policy plus 5% off next year’s policy!
    See our front desk team for more information.

    (*) Call for pricing details

    Coverage: Diagnostic & X-Rays

    Comprehensive Exam
    (New Patient, Initial Visit)
    No Charge
    * Periodic Exam
    No Charge
    Limited Oral Exam (1 Single X-Ray)
    No Charge
    Complete X-Ray Series or Panorex
    (1 per Year)
    No Charge
    * Bitewings
    No Charge
    Fluoride Treatments
    (Two per year, no age limit)
    No Charge

    (*) Number of visits is determined by the plan.

    All Other Procedures

    * Child Prophylaxis (Cleaning)
    * Adult Prophylaxis (Cleaning)
    Additional cleanings/perio maintenance
    15% or 20%
    Sealants (No age limit)
    15% or 20%
    Whitening (In Office)
    15% or 20%
    Whitening (At Home)
    15% or 20%
    Filllings & Core-Buildups
    No Charge
    Crown & Bridges
    15% or 20%
    15% or 20%
    15% or 20%
    Dentures & Partials
    15% or 20%
    Oral Surgery
    15% or 20%
    Root Canals
    15% or 20%
    Implants (Surgery & Crowns)
    15% or 20%
    Orthodontics (Invisalign Only)
    $1,000 discount
    Chao Pinhole Technique
    15% or 20%
    Snap On Smile
    15% or 20%
    Full Mouth Makeover

    Program Guidelines

    All annual premiums must be paid in advance and the annual plan is active for one (1) year from the effective date.

    Financing available with approved application.

    Premiums are non-refundable, even if you decide not to utilize the discount plan.

    We Welcome New Patients and Look Forward to Having You as Part of Our Dental Family.