Full Mouth Restoration Facts

There is more than a custom mold for your mouth involved in the full restoration of the mouth. The treatment will determine the rehabilitation methods used, it is a major procedure that requires time to finish. The procedures include gum disease, crowns, veneers, and dental implants. 

Full Mouth Reconstruction Candidates

It is possible for teeth to cause low self-esteem and you might hide your mouth to avoid showing your teeth. It is time to see a biomimetic dentist. The symptoms of needing a full mouth restoration include:

*Injured or fractured teeth

*Acid erosion

*Missing teeth from decay or trauma

*Headaches or jaw pain that needs occlusion

*Bleeding gums

*Loose teeth

The biomimetic dentist will find the cause of the symptoms and treat them in addition to reconstructing the mouth.

Starting Restoration

The dentist will begin by accessing the damage by looking at the teeth’s condition to decide which restoration procedure to use. The position of the teeth when the mouth is closed will be checked to see if orthodontics is required before the mouth can be restored. The conditions that the gums are in will be used to decide if scaling or root planning is going to be needed. The actual look of the teeth will be used to determine esthetic needs.

Procedures of Full Mouth Reconstruction

*Dental Implants – These are used when there are missing teeth and teeth that are too damaged to be repaired. Frames are surgically inserted into the jaw and teeth are then fit into the frames to replace missing teeth. 

*Dental Onlays – Amalgam or composite are used to make onlays. Onlays prevent the need to have teeth pulled or get crowns by rebuilding teeth they are placed on.

Pinhole Technique

A surgical technique used to restore the gums known at the Pinhold is used to take care of receding gum lines that have left the roots exposed.

Full restoration of the mouth can also include the whitening of the teeth and veneers in order to cover the front of the teeth. Veneers are bonded to the tooth changing the strength, length, and color.