Education To Become A Dentist

It takes a lot of work to go into dentistry and become a licensed practicing dentist just like it does in order to go into any medical field. It takes quite a few years in addition to an undergraduate degree to get through all of the additional education standards to become a dentist. Below is a guide to go by when preparing your mind for what it will take to become a dentist. 

1.) You will have to take a test

Before you can even think about going to dental school you have to first take and pass the Dental Admissions Test. It is recommended that a student take the test the first time a year before graduation for practice and again as they graduate. To get accepted into any dental school you must pass this test. 

2.) After college, you have to attend dental school

You cannot be a dentist unless you go to dental school after you graduate college. In order to get into a dental school, you need to have a passing grade on your DAT as well as a good GPA in college and some hands-on experience in the field through means of internship or entry-level job. You do not have to have an undergraduate degree in science to go to dental school, but you will have had to have taken a certain amount of biology, chemistry, physical science, and organic chemistry classes to qualify. 

3.) Get ready for years of work

Dental school is going to take at least four years to get through on top of your bachelor’s degree. When you graduate from dental school after four years you will be awarded a degree known as either a doctor of dental surgery degree or a doctor of medicine in dentistry degree. 

The first two years of dental school will primarily be classes and tests while the last two years are focused on more hands-on training. 

4.) You still have to pass exams

Even when you finish your four-year degree you have to be ready to pass a series of tests known as the National Board of Dental Examinations in order to officially be called a dentist. This is a two-part written test that you have to take and make a minimum grade on to be able to call yourself a dentist. 

5.) Education never stops

You have graduated from dental school and passed all of your exams and are ready to be a licensed, practicing dentists. You are ready to go forth and fill cavities, but it is important to remember that the medical field is always changing and improving and you will forever be learning more and better techniques to treat your patients.