Dental Implants Making A More Natural Smile

What is the perfect compliment to a beautiful smile? The answer to the question is as close as a mirror. It is obvious a smile is made more beautiful when it frames a mouth of beautiful teeth. We learn early on that the only cute thing about a mouth of missing teeth is the toddler or young child it belongs to. For the rest of us, a mouth full of broken, missing, or tobacco or coffee- stained teeth is not only an embarrassment but a harbinger of serious health issues. If you have a smile that you are ashamed of, you should check into dental implants and see what a difference they can make.

Everyone has heard of dentures, but implants, the new kid on the dental block, is making a name for themselves and giving dentures a run for their money. Dental implants are a metallic post made of titanium that is surgically placed into the jawline beneath the gum. Because they are fused in place, they are stable. Unlike dentures, they don’t slip, move, or collect debris beneath them. This allows them to look and move like real teeth. 

Implants are a safe, practical, and effective way to address the problem of missing or damaged teeth. Dental implants bring with them many benefits: they will give you:

  1. A more youthful appearance
  2. Better oral health
  3. More confidence when speaking and eating
  4. A stronger jawline
  5. A more realistic look
  6. A beautiful smile

Implants are also the best way to replace missing or decayed teeth and to prevent bone loss while restoring the bone structure.  Dental insurance also will be something to look into when choosing a dentist for dental implants.

If you want natural, healthy teeth, try dental implants. They will give you your life back. You will be able to eat, talk, laugh, smile, and even kiss again without a hint of embarrassment.