Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Fillings in Madison ALDental Fillings in Madison AL

The type of material used for tooth-colored fillings is a strong composite resin containing glass particles and a type of plastic. It is soft and malleable at first, allowing the top dentist in Madison AL – Dr. Barnett or the dental assistant to fix chips in the front teeth or fill cavities at the gum lines without being visible. The composite is then hardened under a special blue light, bonding the material in place. Composite resin is durable, cost-effective and – because it matches your natural tooth color – highly pleasing to the eye. The composite material used for tooth-colored restorations bonds to the tooth, which can help reinforce it, creating a natural appearance. For example, a person with tooth-colored fillings in their front teeth can still bite into hard or crunchy foods without damaging their dental work. And no one will know you have a filling! If cared for properly, tooth-colored fillings can last for decades before needing maintenance.

When it comes to cost and aesthetics, tooth-colored restorations are usually the best option. Tooth colored restorations also trump silver fillings for making a person’s smile more natural looking, which can restore a youthful smile. Learn about our oral cancer screenings.

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