Cost Of Teeth Whitening

I think it’s safe to say we all admire all those celebrities and models who have great-looking. winning smiles. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve wondered how they manage to sport such bright, sparkling white teeth? Simple. They make use of cosmetic dentistry and routinely whiten their ivories- no matter what the cost. Thing is for most of us, we cannot afford to break the bank that often to pay for expensive cosmetic procedures as often…but sometimes it’s nice to splurge at times. 

So, with that said- just what are the basic costs of teeth whitening treatments? 

A visit to your dentist to whiten teeth will cost you around $650, on average. One of the most expensive treatments is laser power bleaching, which uses a higher concentration of peroxide quickly and most effectively- at an average cost of $1,200. And most dental insurance does not cover the cost of these procedures. However, there are some discount dental plans that can cover teeth bleaching treatment. It’s good to note that teeth whitening procedures done by a dentist are not permanent quick-fix. The in-office treatment usually lasts a year, if one stays away from drinking coffee, tea, and nicotine. And it’s also interesting that everyone’s results vary too. Age, genes, and tooth sensitivity has a lot to do with the level of effective teeth whitening.

Your dentist can also supply you with take-home products and treatments like teeth whitening trays that can cost you out of the pocket anywhere from $50 to $400.

And there is plenty of decent quality over the counter teeth whitening products that can also effectively brighten your stained pearly whites at a fraction of the cost of more expensive treatments. Such as whitening strips, charcoal whitening toothpaste, and gel treatments that can successfully whiten your teeth at an average cost of $20. And you can find good quality products like these at your local drug store and at popular online retailers too like Amazon.