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Even if your teeth are perfectly healthy, you may not feel proud of them. This could be because you are embarrassed by their color, symmetry or spacing. Perhaps they grew in crookedly, or they picked up many stains over the years from food and drink. You may have even been in an accident or injured yourself in such a way that a tooth is now chipped, cracked or broken. While regular dental visits are vital for preventing cavities and keeping the teeth and gums healthy, having a cosmetic dentist on hand is also important if you want to feel proud of your smile.

At Divine Expressions, our cosmetic dentist will help you look your best. One of the easiest and most popular options is teeth whitening. You will find that professional teeth whitening gives you far brighter teeth than over-the-counter kits do. Your appointment will be quick, and in a single session, you can see your teeth brighten by several shades. In addition, we ensure that we prevent tooth and gum sensitivity as much as possible during your treatment.

Veneers provide you with another way to cover up teeth that do not look their best. Veneers are thin strips of porcelain laminate that we create in just the right shape and size to match your teeth. Because they are custom-designed for your teeth, they will fit perfectly and look completely natural. Unlike crowns that cover your entire tooth, veneers are designed to sit on the fronts of your teeth. You may choose a single veneer to cover over a slightly chipped tooth or a couple of veneers to close up a small gap between teeth. However, more often, our patients choose a full line of veneers for their front teeth to get a bright, white, even-looking smile. Veneers are permanent although they may need to be replaced in 10 to 15 years.

Bonding is an excellent way to cover certain imperfections and produce minor changes in the look of certain teeth. The bonding material that we use in cosmetic dentistry is the same type that we use in general dentistry for filling in areas of decay and for covering over sensitive areas of the teeth. This composite material comes in a variety of shades so that we can match it to your teeth exactly. We can use dental bonding materials to fill in small gaps between teeth, to make teeth appear longer and to fill in cracks and chips in teeth.

If you are unhappy with the spacing of your teeth or if you are unhappy with your crooked teeth, we can use Invisalign to move your teeth gradually. Invisalign is far superior to traditional braces because it uses a series of clear, BPA-free plastic trays to move your teeth. You can remove the trays for brushing your teeth, for eating and for special occasions.

At Divine Expressions, we are excited to provide you with cutting-edge treatments that can allow you to enjoy the smile of your dreams.

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