What are some of the benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry?

What are some of the benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry?

There are so many people in the world who wish they could have a better smile. They get tired of looking at themselves in the mirror and feeling embarrassed that they have a poor smile. It may be they have teeth that have been chipped because as a child they fell on the concrete and a couple of teeth fell out. Some people, as they grow up, their teeth come in and they end up with a gap in their front teeth.

People get teased with problems like that when they are younger, and it can affect their self-esteem and their overall confidence. With technology the way it is today, and the advancements in medicine, these problems can be taken care of with cosmetic dentistry. The days are gone when people have to suffer through life with a smile that makes them feel less than what they should. 

Cosmetic dentistry can firstly improve your self-confidence. Getting that chip, crack, or gap in your teeth can improve how you feel about yourself. It can make you feel 180 degrees different than you did before.

Cosmetic dentistry can improve your appearance. This goes hand-in-hand with your self-confidence. You now know your smile is fantastic! You know you look better than you did before.

Cosmetic dentistry can prevent damage to your teeth. If you already have damage to your teeth, then without cosmetic dentistry, your teeth are exposed to possible further damage which could be a larger problem to fix down the road.

Cosmetic dentistry can help further your career. It is is just a fact that when you are looking for a job or advancement in your career, first impressions can mean everything. Sometimes a flaw in someone’s appearance can give the edge to someone else that doesn’t display the same type of flaw but you both are equally qualified for the position.

If you want to feel better about your smile, feel better about yourself, or get an edge in securing a better employment position, give cosmetic dentistry a try. You will feel great about the results!

Top 5 Things To Look For In A Cosmetic Dentist

Top 5 Things To Look For In A Cosmetic Dentist

Dentistry is about more than just cleaning your teeth and filling the occasional cavity, it can also improve your appearance and boost your confidence. Unlike orthodontia, cosmetic dentistry focuses on bleaching, smoothing, and repairing teeth to give patients a beautiful smile.

If you think cosmetic dentistry might be right for you, here are a few things to consider when choosing your dentist.

AACD Accreditation

The American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) is an organization that offers training, education, lectures, workshops, and other resources to their dentists, helping to keep their members up-to-date on all of the latest information and techniques in the field. You’ll feel much more confident in your choice and the odds are good you’ll receive much higher quality treatment if you choose an AACD accredited dentist.


When it comes to finding a high-quality medical professional, a referral from someone you know and trust can be worth its weight in gold. When you can’t get a referral from someone you love, testimonials from previous patients can help you choose a dentist who is right for you. Whether you get a great recommendation from your best friend or hear through the grapevine that your co-worker’s cousin has a cosmetic dentist they adore, choosing a dentist who has someone else’s seal of approval can be helpful.

Patience With Patients

Cosmetic dentistry can be confusing and scary for people who are new to it, especially those who already experience some amount of medical anxiety. Choosing a cosmetic dentist who is calm and compassionate can go a long way towards easing your fears.

Cost and Insurance

What can you afford? Finding a dentist who works with your insurance can help, and choosing an insurance plan that covers cosmetic dental procedures is better still, but when it comes down to it your wallet plays an important part in the decision making process.

Modern Technology

Cosmetic dentistry is an industry that is continually growing and changing. If you want the most current services and techniques, make sure to choose a dentist whose office is up-to-date with the most modern technology.


What common dental problems are suitable for cosmetic dentistry?

What common dental problems are suitable for cosmetic dentistry?

There are many different dental problems that people have. Some of these dental problems will impact the functional use of your teeth were others are purely cosmetic in nature. Some will require both functional and cosmetic solutions. Deciding to have cosmetic dentistry done for your teeth can be a serious decision that has both economic and health consequences. Certain common dental problems lend themselves to cosmetic dentistry. Here are some of the notable ways that you can pursue attractive and healthy teeth.

Tooth Whitening

The classic example of a purely cosmetic form of dentistry is a tooth whitening. Over time, many people experience yellowing of their teeth. Yellow teeth are a common result of coffee as well as caused by certain medications, though some people are particularly fond while others experience as they each. 

While yellow teeth do not have on the functionality of the cells, a major eyesore for somebody and problem individuals there is a wide range of different procedures that could be performed To wait into you including simple procedures such as using whitening toothpaste were special braces worn every night with teeth whitening solution added to it. However, some people go stages further, particularly in significantly yellow teeth by having their teeth dyed with a whitening solution.

Teeth Straightening 

Some people experiencing crooked teeth that grow in irregularly or become particularly stressed when your wisdom teeth grow in. Others have crooked teeth due to some injury accidents. Some cosmetic dentistry procedures Can assist in straightening teeth with A bite plate or braces. In advanced situations, crowded teeth may need to be removed in order to avoid straining other teeth and cosmetic dentistry to help to sort out these problems.

Tooth Replacement

If you lose a tooth, one cosmetic procedure can provide you with a new artificial tooth to fill the gap. While a replacement tooth is a functional as well as a cosmetic procedure, many people can meet their day to day needs with a missing tooth or two and some teeth are less necessary than others. Having an artificial tooth can, therefore, be a cosmetic procedure.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry expensive?

Is Cosmetic Dentistry expensive?

A common question that people ask dentists is, ‘is cosmetic dentistry expensive.” And it’s a valid question too, as nobody wants to spend more than is necessary.

The Different Types of Dental Procedures 

Before answering the question concerning cosmetic dentistry costs vs value, it’s necessary first to understand the various dental procedures and their projected costs;

* The first procedure is called dental veneers 

Dental veneers are very thin shells of porcelain, bonded atop your regular teeth. At $500 to $1500 per tooth, veneers will give you that celebrity look, but $16,000 and up for a mouthful of pearly whites, veneers are by far the most expensive cosmetic dentistry procedure,

* The second procedure is dental whitening 

At the opposite end of the scale, for around $500 you can get tooth whitening professionally, at a dentists office, and have fairly remarkable results, or for perhaps $50 or less, you can buy a mouth guard and a home whitening kit to attempt to whiten your teeth at home.

* The third procedure is called dental bonding 

A tooth-colored resin is applied to your tooth and then hardened with a special laser.

Then your dentist shapes and polishes the resin appropriately.

* The fourth procedure is called a dental crown 

Here a cap fits over and covers decayed or cracked teeth. Crowns typically cost around

$500 to $1,000 each.

* Finally, there are dental implants 

A dental implant is a titanium post inserted into the jaw around which a replacement tooth can be created to fill in a missing tooth. Typically implants are $1500 to $3,000

Is cosmetic dental surgery worth it? 

Now that we’ve covered the most popular procedures, the question comes is cosmetic dental worth expensive and is it worthwhile?

The answer is yes, it does tend to be expensive, but as to whether it’s worth it to have cosmetic dental work, the overwhelming view of patients is, yes it is. People are often judged by their first impression, and your smile is a valuable asset.

Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Dental services are not always the most affordable services available, whether they are cosmetic or medically necessary. In addition to this, the cost can vary widely based on a number of factors. These can include insurance coverage, dental institution visited, or even the state of your teeth. Thus, the costs discussed here are estimates based upon averages. 

In the United States, teeth whitening and bleaching is the single most common cosmetic dental procedure. This is, on average, between $600 and $800 dollars per treatment. While that does not seem initially steep, most whitening protocols require at least three visits and up to six. This means that that $600 can quickly become $3600. That is a lot more expensive all of a sudden. 

Porcelain veneers for the teeth are another extremely common form of cosmetic dental service. These can range anywhere from $500 to $2500 per tooth. Thus, if you were to get high-end veneers over each tooth, it would be extremely expensive. Though, while these are a costly treatment, they are widely regarded as the most effective way to truly transform a patients smile. 

Dental inlays or onlays are also quite common. These are a procedure that repairs damaged teeth that are not damaged enough to require a more invasive procedure. They also can have a cosmetic effect as visible damage is removed. These have an average price of $900 per tooth. While that seems high initially, most people do not need these on every tooth, rather, they only need them in a few places. 

Overall, cosmetic dentistry services can be expensive, but not overly so. In addition, some of these costs may be covered by insurance. They can also be covered by insurance if your dentist agrees that you getting the cosmetic procedure done now will prevent a more invasive and expensive procedure down the line. This is especially true for veneers. Finally, most dentists offices will have payment plan options available. These vary widely, but generally, they will allow you to pay off your treatments with an installment plan. This is useful for all types of dental work, not just cosmetic.

Full Mouth Restoration Facts

Full Mouth Restoration Facts

There is more than a custom mold for your mouth involved in the full restoration of the mouth. The treatment will determine the rehabilitation methods used, it is a major procedure that requires time to finish. The procedures include gum disease, crowns, veneers, and dental implants. 

Full Mouth Reconstruction Candidates

It is possible for teeth to cause low self-esteem and you might hide your mouth to avoid showing your teeth. It is time to see a biomimetic dentist. The symptoms of needing a full mouth restoration include:

*Injured or fractured teeth

*Acid erosion

*Missing teeth from decay or trauma

*Headaches or jaw pain that needs occlusion

*Bleeding gums

*Loose teeth

The biomimetic dentist will find the cause of the symptoms and treat them in addition to reconstructing the mouth.

Starting Restoration

The dentist will begin by accessing the damage by looking at the teeth’s condition to decide which restoration procedure to use. The position of the teeth when the mouth is closed will be checked to see if orthodontics is required before the mouth can be restored. The conditions that the gums are in will be used to decide if scaling or root planning is going to be needed. The actual look of the teeth will be used to determine esthetic needs.

Procedures of Full Mouth Reconstruction

*Dental Implants – These are used when there are missing teeth and teeth that are too damaged to be repaired. Frames are surgically inserted into the jaw and teeth are then fit into the frames to replace missing teeth. 

*Dental Onlays – Amalgam or composite are used to make onlays. Onlays prevent the need to have teeth pulled or get crowns by rebuilding teeth they are placed on.

Pinhole Technique

A surgical technique used to restore the gums known at the Pinhold is used to take care of receding gum lines that have left the roots exposed.

Full restoration of the mouth can also include the whitening of the teeth and veneers in order to cover the front of the teeth. Veneers are bonded to the tooth changing the strength, length, and color.