A Million Dollar Smile With Permanent Dentures

Peoples teeth are one of their most important features. Sometimes a person may lose one, some, or all of their natural teeth. When this happens, dentures are a proper alternative. Some people may choose removable dentures, while others may prefer permanent dentures. For those who opt for permanent dentures, there are numerous benefits and guidelines for this procedure. 

Denture implants, unlike removable dentures, are attached to the jawbone by surgical procedure. Many people choose this option because once the procedure is done and your gums heal, they feel like your natural teeth. You won’t have to worry about your dentures slipping out accidentally, or misplacing them. Permanent dentures can be a replacement for one tooth or several. 

When a person gets permanent dental implants, there is no discomfort or pain. The dentures are properly measured and molded for each person. This beats removable dentures because removable often fit improperly and move around. Another benefit of dental implants is the lack of dangerous ingredients. With removable dentures, oral adhesives are generally used to keep the dentures in place. This is not the case with permanent dentures. 

Permanent teeth implants also support healthy facial structure. This is because the person doesn’t have to take the dentures out of their mouth frequently. This constant support promotes firm skin around the cheek and jaw area. People who get this type of dentures are happy to have no dietary restrictions. Those with removable dentures are more cautious when eating and sometimes avoid some of their favorite foods. 

The procedure to get permanent denture implants requires surgery and months of healing. The tooth roots are replaced with screw posts. The next step is adjusting the permanent implant into the post; where the damaged teeth were. A complete examination is required before this procedure.