Tooth Colored Fillings

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The type of material used for tooth colored fillings is a strong composite resin containing glass particles and a type of plastic. It is soft and malleable at first, allowing Dr. Barnett or Assistant to fix chips in the front teeth or fill cavities at the gum lines without being visible. The composite is then hardened under a special blue light, bonding the material in place. Composite resin is durable, cost-effective and – because it matches your natural tooth color – highly pleasing to the eye. Composite material used for tooth colored restorations bonds to the tooth, which can help reinforce it, creating a natural appearance. For example, a person with tooth colored fillings in their front teeth can still bite into hard or crunchy foods without damaging their dental work. And no one will know you have a filling! If cared for properly, tooth colored fillings can last for decades before needing maintenance.

When it comes to cost and aesthetics, tooth colored restorations are usually the best option. Tooth colored restorations also trump silver fillings for making a person’s smile more natural looking, which can restore a youthful smile.

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