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DID YOU KNOW, on average, a child smiles around 400 times per day? That’s up to ten times more than the average adult! No matter how many times your little one smiles, we want to help them make sure theirs remains healthy throughout their childhood.

One way to protect your child’s pearly whites is by applying dental sealants.

Did you also know that you can get sealants as an adult? Sure you can. Cavity bugs affect all teeth so why not seal them all?

Dental Sealants Protect Teeth From Tooth Decay

A dental sealant—also known as a pit and fissure sealant—is a protective barrier placed on the chewing surfaces of teeth in order to seal out food and bacteria which result in cavities. These sealants are often made of a plastic-like material and applied in a thin layer to fill hard-to-clean recesses in teeth known as fissures in the premolars and molars, and cingulum pitsfound in canines and incisors.

Application Of Dental Sealants Is Quick And Easy!

  • The application of sealants is a quick and comfortable process, and usually only takes one visit!
  • First, the surface of your teeth are polished and cleaned of any plaque or food debris.
  • Next, each tooth receiving sealants will be isolated and dried.
  • The teeth are then etched to allow the sealant to adhere more securely and then rinsed and dried to prepare for the sealant application.
  • The sealant is then applied to each tooth and cured by a special light to bond the sealant to the teeth.
  • Finally the new sealants will be evaluated and once hardened, will be safe to chew on!

When Should Your Child Get Sealants?

Children should get dental sealants as soon as possible after their permanent teeth erupt. This happens at a different time in each child’s life, but most children have all of their permanent teeth around the age of 6.

Children often develop dental caries (cavities) in the pits and fissures of these new permanent teeth because they can be very difficult to clean, even if they are brushing and flossing properly. If sealants are applied soon after permanent teeth erupt, food and bacteria don’t have the chance to settle in these crevices and your child can reduce their chance of cavities by 80 percent. Studies show that sealants can remain effective for many years if properly cared for.

IF you missed getting sealants when you were a child, NO PROBLEM. We place sealants in our adult patients all the time to help prevent those teeth from getting cavities.

We Can Help Protect Your Smile

Each and every smile is precious, and we are committed to ensuring your child’s remains happy and healthy as they continue to grow. We are also committed to making sure your teeth remain healthy as an adult. If you have any questions about dental sealants, let us know by calling and making an appointment today! 256-837-1200. We’d love to answer any questions you might have about your family’s oral health care needs.

Thank you for continuing to be part of our Divine family!

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